How To Do Dips – Chest & Triceps Exercise


Dips are an amazing upper physique exercise which can be performed with great results using your own body weight. With slight variations in form Dips can focus on either working the TRICEPS or the CHEST.

So you want to focus on hitting the LOWER CHEST FIBERS? Chest Dips can be a perfect exercise for you.

Grasp the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip, leaning forward and letting your elbows flair out while bringing your body down till you feel a stretch in the chest. Push through your chest extending your arms stopping just before locking your arms. Bend your knees and engage your core to help with swinging back and forth and to help with keeping the proper position and form. Keep the shoulder blades tight together while performing the movement.

You want a great compound movement to help build big and strong TRICEPS? With a few alterations to chest dips you’ll be able to do just that.


Grasp the bars with a slightly wider than shoulder width grip with the arms fully extended, keep the elbows tight to the body and your body upright. Bend at the elbows, lowering your body till the upper and lower arms are at a 90 degree angle and push through the triceps till you reach full extension flexing the triceps at the top position. Don’t lower your body to low where you feel to much stress in the shoulder joint, instead, focus on the lockout and contraction of the triceps at the top position.

And if your own body weight doesn’t seem to be doing it for you when working chest or triceps, feel free to leg-hug a dumbbell or use a weight belt for some extra pounds.



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