Over 150 Pound Weight Loss – Before and After – How I’m Keeping the Weight Off!


Weighing in at 360 pounds, Stephen Cremen knew he had a choice to make. A depressed young man, his life was spiraling out of control. Compulsive eating had scarred his body and broken his spirit. His body told him to give in to his hunger, the cravings, and just accept his fate. Losing so much weight was impossible. But deep down inside, Stephen’s heart told him that he was strong enough to fight for the life that he had always wanted. No matter how difficult the process, there was a way to become the person he was meant to be. Battle Scars, Stephen’s new book, is the true story about one man’s journey from obesity to health, happiness, and love. Fifteen years later and over 150 pounds lighter, Stephen speaks candidly about the emotional and physical challenges of weight loss. He also outlines the successful strategies and techniques that have helped him to keep the weight off. Battle Scars is not about blame or guilt. Instead, it focuses on taking personal responsibility, developing a long-term plan, and making positive choices every day to become a healthier and happier person. In addition to his book, Stephen uses social networking tools to offer support and ongoing information to people that struggle every day with their happiness and health. By connecting with other people, Stephen wants to get out his message of hope and to connect with people that need support, inspiration, and healing.


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