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Ab Exercise Fitness Workout with LadyRedTV.com iPhone Vlog

Exercise Workout Day 34 Abs

This video was recorded using my iPhone

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Fitness Workout Program for Couples

— Ivy Larson created this fitness workout program for the Chicago Tribune as a routine for couples. Watch the video to learn how to do the exercises properly.

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Tricep Workout on Bosu – Fitness Workout

Tricep Workout on Bosu – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Hi, my name is Gillian Rinaldo with Smart Workout and I am here to show you a couple great tricep exercises that you can do on the bosu. So, we are going to start of with some tricep dips. You can go ahead and sit on the flat side of the bosu. To start, place your hands on either sides, gripping on to the outside of the bosu and then walk your feet out to the front so that your hips are hovering over the ground. Then you are going to bend the elbows down, dropping your body weight over the bosu and then pressing up.

Let us do three more here. Two. Good, last one. Now, to make this a little bit harder you can extend your right leg out, hold it here and continue doing dips. Let us try three on the right. Then you can place your right foot down, lift your left foot up and continue again. Three, two, one. Nice job. Try this exercise at home using the bosu to tone your upper body and improve your tricep strength.


Daily ABS – Fitness Workout Lumowell – Android and Apple iOS App

Daily ABS training workout to get a flat stomach and lose belly fat.

📱 – Lumowell Android Fitness Apps:

📱 – Lumowell iOS Fitness Apps:


How to BURN more calories and LOSE weight – LA Fitness – Workout Tip

Learn how alternating upper and lower body exercises in a circuit will burn more calories. Want to see more fitness and workout tips? Follow the link to visit the “My LA Fitness Page”: