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Arm-Toning Exercise Routines for Women – Health & fitness – ModernMom

In order to exercise the arms for great muscle tone, all a woman needs is a pair of five to eight-pound dumbbells. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Work out the triceps, biceps, chest, backs of the arms and shoulders with help from a personal trainer in this free video on arm exercises for moms.

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How to Inflate an Exercise Ball

Step-by-step visual guidance for those who purchased our Gold’s Gym exercise balls. For further assistance, refer to the instruction manual that’s included in the kit or contact Stamina Customer Care:

[email protected]


Exercise Focused video – Lunges

Are you doing lunges right? Maybe you’re not sure how to do this leg exercise correctly. Check out what the proper form is and how to make this amazing lower body exercise easier or harder, depending on your fitness level.

The lunge is a great exercise for strengthening your thighs as well as improving your single leg balance and core stabilization. It might also make your glutes burn!

In this video you can find out how to improve your leg training with the lunge exercise. It teaches you how to position your hips, knees, and feet to make lunges effective for your next leg workout.

What if lunges are too hard for you? Don’t worry – this exercise can be scaled down and we will show you how. On the other hand, if normal lunges are too easy for you, we will show you how to spice it up!

Remember: it’s better to do fewer lunges with good form than more with bad form!

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Elephant Walk for the Core: DAC Fitness Exercise of the Week

A step up (or arm walk further) from The Inchworm, the Elephant Walk as demonstrated by DAC Fitness Coaches Kendall Capps and Bryce Hendricks engages your core and is a bit more advanced, with its further outstretch and brief pause as you “walk it out” with your hands. Find more moves like this in our affordable Team Training and Semi-Private Training Programs.


Full Body Workout – Burn Boot Camp

Looking for a full body workout? Look no further! This workout will get your blood flowing and those calories burning! Visit burnbootcamp.com/locations to visit a gym near you!