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Hello my cyber sisters!
It’s been highly requested on my channel that I start a weight loss/ fitness series. SO that being said here it is!
Part 1 : All about the mental health part of weightloss
I decided to make this number 1 because before we can get our goals in order we must get our minds in order!
Hopefully this helps personally this was my experience and what i’ve learned along the way!
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Part 2: Planning Your Weight Loss journey! I chose this as number 2 of the series because now that we have our minds right , WE have got to plan it all out! Here you will find some of my tips and tricks on how i planned my journey ! hope you enjoy!

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How I Fit Exercise Into My Busy Schedule | HOME WORKOUT SarahFit

As Work From Home Mom who runs her own business, fitting exercise into my body schedule is a must but hard. Here are my tips.

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Hi, I’m Sarah, a new mom, personal trainer and health nut! I upload new videos every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe 🙂

As a mom, it’s challenging to fit exercise into my busy schedule but I make it a priority and I find a way. This video in partnership with Muuna cottage cheese shares how I fit a workout into a busy day. The work life balance struggle is real especially when you want to learn how to lose weight and fitness is hard to fit in!

Do each move for 1 minute, take a break and repeat 2 to 4 total rounds depending on how much time you have!

This routine is safe for mom to do post partum as well as beginners!


Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 1

Learn how to lose weight with our weight loss exercise routine program.

Follow this workout with week 2 for a progressive workout plan to lose the maximum amount of weight.

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Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Start with Week 1 and progress when you are ready. Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days.

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In 3 Days LOSS Your Weight Super Fast, 38 Waistline Will Turn to 25, NO DIET NO EXERSICE

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In 3 Days LOSS Your Weight Super Fast, 38 Waistline Will Turn to 25, NO DIET NO EXERSICE

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3 Days Challenge Loss Your Weight Super Fast – Loss Weight Fast

3 Days Challenge Loss Your Weight Super Fast – Loss Weight Fast


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3 Days Challenge Loss Your Weight Super-Fast

The 3-Day Diet Is An Incredibly Popular Diet That Dates Back To 1985. It Is Essentially A Crash Diet And Is Used To Lose Weight In The Short Term. The 3-Day Diet Promises Super-Fast Weight Loss, Lower Cleanliness And Cholesterol, And Increased Energy Levels.

Essentially, The 3-Day Diet Is A Very Low-Calorie Diet. Although The 3-Day Diet States That The Weight Loss Is Due To A Unique Metabolic Reaction That Occurs In The Diet Plan, The Diet Implies An Extreme Dietary Restriction. You Are Allowed To Eat Around 1000 Calories Per Day. The Plan Is Completed For 3 Days At A Time And Is Followed By A “Normal” Diet For 4 To 5 Days. Then You Can Repeat The Cycle. The 3-Day Diet Promises 10 Pounds Of Weight Loss In 3 Days.

Eat More Fiber
The Best Way To Reduce Your Calorie Intake Is By Incorporating More Fiber Into Your Diet. The Recommended Amount Is About 30 Grams Per Day, But Most People Do Not Consume Enough Fiber. Fiber Is Of Two Types, Soluble And Insoluble. Soluble Fiber Absorbs Water And Becomes A Gel During Digestion. The Insoluble Fiber Remains Undigested As It Passes Through Your System. Both Types Of Fiber Slow Down The Digestion Process And Help You Feel Fuller For Longer.

Eat More Healthy Fats
There Is A Misconception That Fats Are Bad For You. That’s Not True At All. There Are Healthy Fats And There Are Unhealthy Fats. You Must Make Sure That The Fats You Eat Are Good For Your Health. Most Junk Foods Contain Unhealthy Or Saturated Fats. They Are Responsible For A Variety Of Diseases. But Unsaturated Fats, Found In Avocados, Olive Oil And Nuts, Can Help Reduce Cholesterol And The Risk Of Heart Disease When Ingested In Moderation.

Eat In Smaller Plates
When You Are Dining Or Eating Something, It Can Be Tempting To Eat Until You Feel Full. You Still Do Not Want To Be Hungry At Night When You’re Lying In Your Bed. Because We Want This Feeling, We Can End Up Piling Up The Food On Our Plate. As Good As The Dish Looks, Do You Really Need That Much Food? To Slow This Down, You Should Use A Smaller Plate. This Forces You To Get A Smaller Portion. The Smaller Portions Will Lead To Fewer Calories, Which Will Lead To A Smaller Amount Of Food In General. You Will Look At The Plate And Your Mind Will Be Tricked Into Thinking That Your Stomach Is Full.

Get Rid Of Junk
Most Of Us Find It Difficult To Set Aside Our Favorite Foods. French Fries And Cookies Can Get Fat And Are Not Healthy, But We Still End Up Having Them. Therefore, Not Buying Junk Food Is A Good Step To Lose Weight. The Reason We Eat So Much Garbage Is Because We Buy It And Keep It Available And Accessible. You Already Know The Saying, “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”. Purging The Pantry And Refrigerator Of High-Calorie, Low-Nutrient Foods Can Help Reduce The Consumption Of Unhealthy Snacks.